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For a long time now, money transfer has not been a problem, but in some cases, it still poses an issue due to the time interval, the high commission fee or for other reasons.

“Rico-Gram” is a unique product of “Rico Express”. Through this service, one can send and receive remittances across the country. The commission fee for money transfer is only 0.5%, and the amount is credited to the account in the shortest time.

Rico Express branches serve customers 24 hours a day, and this is one of its benefits. 

Rico-Gram Greece is the comfortable and ideally customized service of money transfers between Georgia and Greece. The interest rate is only 0.8%, both from Georgia to Greece and from Greece to Georgia. The transfer is credited in the shortest time during 24 hours, and its amount is not limited


Taza - RicoGram Menandrou 40, Athens

Tel: 0030  210 5243605


Taza - RicoGram Menandrou, 44 Athens

Tel: 0030  210 5239737


Taza - RicoGram Menandrou 58,  Athens
Tel: 2105223232


Taza - RicoGram Omonoia 12 , Athens 

Tel: 0030   210 3257648


Taza - RicoGram Halakeon 25, Thessaloniki

Tel: 0030  231 0283740


If you want to send money from Israel to Georgia, Rico-Gram is an ideal choice. The commission fee is 0.9% and the amount is credited to the recipient’s account in the shortest time. One can send money from more than 250 service centers during 24 hours.


Locations: http://ricogram.ge/

It is as easy to send money from Spain to Georgia as it is from other countries on the Rico Gram list. The commission fee is only 1.1%. One can make a money transfer throughout the country 24 hours a day.


Locations: http://ricogram.ge/

Rico-Gram will also ensure money transfer from Italy to Georgia. Like Spain, the commission fee is 1.1% in Italy, and it is possible to transfer money throughout the country 24 hours a day.


Locations: http://ricogram.ge/