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About Us

In those far-off days of 90’s, there were innovative people who had the ambition to create a well-organized advanced service in Georgia. These are the people who generated the idea of ​​establishing this company, one of the first financial organizations.

The year 1996, Georgia. A new company RICO appeared on the market. Over the next ten years, the team was keeping step-by-step the way of development. It coped with all challenges, upgraded its skills and got better to become a true leader.

In 2007, Rico Express was duly appreciated and assigned the status of a microfinance organization.

Rico Express Group combines highly professional work ethic and customer-oriented service, which is reflected in the following factors:
• "Rico Express", as a leading market player, that sets the highest standards for customers;
• The company categorically opposes the imposition of hidden costs, commissions and other unforeseen taxes on any customer;
• The company discouraes any kind of discrimination against both consumers and employees as well as provides equal opportunities for career development;
• The company promotes and values professionalism and diligence of its employees;
• Rico Express categorically opposes corruption, fraud, money laundering and all other financial or non-financial criminal activities.

It has been more than twenty years since the company was founded. Time has changed, the way of life and even the country has changed. Today, Rico Express is a leading company in the financial sector. Its 49 branches extend throughout the country. For a long time already, the company has gained the main prize – the customer’s trust, and it rises up daily to this challenge by the highest level of service.

Rico Express is a clear example of how it is possible to create a world-class company in Georgia.