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Lombard Loan

Rico Standard

In the face of the current high competition, it is difficult for customers to make a choice and the natural question is – why shall I do it?
Rico Standard has very specific answers to this question:

1. Best Lombard loans with the terms and conditions most tailored at the customer.

2. Fixed and unchanged interest rate maintained during the total loan period –from 1.5%, annual effective interest - from 19.6%.

3. Possibility to return the item throughout the country with the indication of the city through a flexible Lombard (free delivery service).

4. Free SMS service unlike the competitors.

5. Payment fee is 0% while it is 2 GEL with competitors.

6. Completely transparent costs, unlike other companies.

7. Highest evaluation of gold compared to other companies.

8. No-penalty   Lombard in case of non-payment for one to three months.

9. The daily interest corresponding to the number of the days of the deposited item.

10. Possibility to add money to the deposited item, in case of increasing its value.

11. Reduced interest in case of repayment of part of the loan (the loan can be reduced at any time without commission fee).


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Exchange rates

Overlap on the best terms
buy sell
USD 3.0700 3.0750
EUR 3.6420 3.6520
GBP 4.0250 4.0450
RUR 0.0410 0.0426
TRY 0.3870 0.4270
CHF 3.3580 3.3780
CAD 2.1120 2.3120
AED 0.6370 0.8370
AMD 0.0044 0.0064

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