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From the foundation “Rico Express” became one of the first organization in Georgia, which became a partner of one of the biggest money transfer brand “Money Gram”. Later, “Western Union”, “Unistream” and other organizations became partners of “Rico Credit”.

Today, customers of “Rico Express” are able to transfer money through 10 partner organizations with the most flexible and low rate terms of service. Partner organizations of “Rico Express”are:  RICO GRAM; MONEYGRAM; ZOLOTAYA KORONA; WESTERN UNION; RIA;  UNISTREAM; CONTACT; PRIVATMANY . “Rico Credit” is a direct partner of all above listed organizations, so its customers can transfer money to any point in the world, any time and without limits.


Due to easy and flexible terms offered by “Rico Express”, customers can get the best exchange rates on currency conversion.


“Rico Gram Greece”

“Rico Gram Greece” means lowest interest fee on money transfers from Georgia to Greece. Since 2012, “Rico Express” launched a brand new money transfer service “Rico Gram Greece”, which allows our customers to send and receive money from Greece. We have a lowest interest rate on local market – 0.8%. Customers can get the lowest interest rate in the shortest period of time (send/receive money) and transfer any amount of cash in the fastest period of time.

Exchange rates

Overlap on the best terms
buy sell
USD 3.0700 3.0750
EUR 3.6350 3.6450
GBP 4.0170 4.0370
RUR 0.0413 0.0429
TRY 0.3970 0.4370
CHF 3.3640 3.3840
CAD 2.1170 2.3170
AED 0.6370 0.8370
AMD 0.0044 0.0064

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