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Mortgage Loan

Loan with real estate guarantee

Rico Express also offers exceptionally comfortable conditions in the category of loans. The terms are fully tailored to the borrower’s demand and income.
The proven income and secured real estate are sufficient to obtain a loan.
The interest rate on the mortgage loan at Rico Express is much lower than with its competitors, starting at 2% in GEL and 26.84% per annum.

Documents required to obtain a mortgage loan:
  • ID card of the owner (ID cards of persons living together, additional documentation, according to the notary’s request);
  • Updated extract from the public register;
  • Service fee - 15 GEL.
  • Real estate  evaluated by an independent auditor (the fee  is 50 GEL);
  • Documents certifying the  income;


The interest is paid monthly. The interest accrued and the principal amount of the loan can be paid using the POS- terminal.
POS- terminals in the Rico Express network serve consumers without additional commission fee, 24 hours a day; the amount is reflected instantly that simplifies more the payment method. 
The conditions of any mortgage loan are fully transparent. The customer is protected from the so-called hidden interest and commission services. 
If the customer cannot pay the loan interest in a timely manner, Rico Express offers him or her simplified conditions.

Loan calculator

Exchange rates

Overlap on the best terms
buy sell
USD 3.0700 3.0750
EUR 3.6320 3.6420
GBP 4.0090 4.0240
RUR 0.0414 0.0430
TRY 0.3780 0.4180
CHF 3.3670 3.3820
CAD 2.1200 2.3200
AED 0.6370 0.8370
AMD 0.0044 0.0064

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